Friday, May 8, 2009

FTC Final Project

As part of the final VOICES Showcase for 2009, we created this short narrative film to promote our work in Feelin' The Cuts!


FTC meets PYC

Ok, so we met with the Philadelphia Youth Commission about 2 weeks ago. We talked about alot of things regarding the cuts happening within the city and interviewed several members of the commission.

I don't know too much about them, but, according to their mission statement, "The Commission represents Philadelphia’s youth in public hearings and gives testimony that reflects the youth perspective." I think that's cool. Us at Feeling the Cuts were happy to be able to talk to them and get their perspectives on what's going on with the city's budget.

We have video!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dev's First Blog!

The townhall meeting to me was very essential because I got to understand more of what the whole 5 year plan was about. I expected for it to be a little uptight or eccentric, if you will. But it was different because I thought that the city council memberswould be more uptight, but they displayed their self as down to earth kind of people. Even though this was my first time I feel a bit more profound from hearing and being at that meeting. First when I heard Darrel Clarke and how articulate he was, it made me loosen up and actually live through his experiences vicariously. So that was fun to me in a more personal manner. You may find this funny, but a guy like me isn't into politics but my will to learn about my surroundings is wicked, like for instance I never knew what FY08 meant, and when I found out that it meant fiscal year 2008 I felt a little dumb. However there was not a lot of youth there but even so it was intricate and prudent to all of the curious people in the world.