Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dev's First Blog!

The townhall meeting to me was very essential because I got to understand more of what the whole 5 year plan was about. I expected for it to be a little uptight or eccentric, if you will. But it was different because I thought that the city council memberswould be more uptight, but they displayed their self as down to earth kind of people. Even though this was my first time I feel a bit more profound from hearing and being at that meeting. First when I heard Darrel Clarke and how articulate he was, it made me loosen up and actually live through his experiences vicariously. So that was fun to me in a more personal manner. You may find this funny, but a guy like me isn't into politics but my will to learn about my surroundings is wicked, like for instance I never knew what FY08 meant, and when I found out that it meant fiscal year 2008 I felt a little dumb. However there was not a lot of youth there but even so it was intricate and prudent to all of the curious people in the world.

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