Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Looking for youth to join the FTC Fam!

Hey guys! Just wanted to briefly touch base on what's going down in the next couple of weeks... We have some really cool events in the works, so stay tuned! But as of right now, we are looking for some creative, talented and passionate youth to join our team and help spread our mission--to encourage and educate youth and to provide an outlet for youth to share their voices. These times are particularly frustrating for youth and it is important to take advantage of our political rights and develop a youth perspective on the ongoing budget cuts.

One thing we're trying to put together is a type of youth forum, where we can discuss and debate issues concerning the current economic crisis and how this may affect the youth. We'll also be working closely with media, particularly blogging and film production. Tomorrow, Earla and I will be giving a presentation on Feelin' the Cuts and hopefully we can recruit some great people to help us achieve our goal.

Until next time!

Peace out xoxo

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